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Managing your Sydney Packing Service ConwayBeing well-packed ensures a fast and efficient move. Moreover, finding the time to pack, and doing it well, is one of the most difficult aspects of moving house.

As a complete relocation service provider, Relax & Move provides professional packing and unpacking services alongside our furniture removals service and storage project management service.

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Why You may Require a Moving Packing Service:

1. To Save Time. Packing can take a long long time if you do it yourself. Free time for you to remain focused on your key daily professional or private responsibilities.

2. To Protect your Possessions. Professional packing is always significantly superior in quality to amateur packing. The chance of any items being broken, damaged, misplaced, lost or forgotten will be very much decreased when you hire professional packers. This is a function of the professional packing materials we use, the way we pack, our experience in relation to the best way to pack and the systematic processes we follow for each and every box packed.

Moving House Packing Service Sydney

3. To Get Organized. The professional packing process is systematic and proven. Your possessions will be sorted, categorised, labelled and then end up safe, and in the right place, in your new home. If your possessions are in something of a ‘shambles’ as a starting point then a professional packing service can save you weeks of sorting and fretting over small decisions prior — and save weeks or even months of living in a state of disarray at your new place. Sometimes it is hard to see the woods for the trees in relation to your own possessions because they are your possessions. You can lose many hours and days ‘sorting out’ your photos, knick knacks, or books – because of the emotional resonance they have for you. Professional packers are not emotionally attached to your possessions (while caring and being expert at their safe transport) and so can organise and pack them safely fast.

4. When you have a lot of ‘Handle With Care’ possessions: For home movers with a large number of delicate, precious and irreplaceable items professional packing is highly advisable. This may include china, glassware, artworks, glass art, ceramics, collectables, all manner of collections of objects, antiques, antique furniture, delicate custom designer furniture, vintage wine collections, heavy items like sculptures or display cases, custom storage, racking or display systems, delicate tools and expensive household appliances and hifi. Note expertise as regards precious items packing and their transportation is paramount. Removals trucks are not limousines – they have hard suspension. Having your delicate and precious items transported safely requires both the appropriate packing techniques and that transportation trucks be driven with great care. Relax & Move are specialist professionals on both counts.

5. For Efficiency. The professional packing process will take a fraction of the time that it will take you to pack.

6. For Your Psychological Health. Take the stress, anxiety and running-out-of-time-panic, out of your move. In general, moving house is an inherently stressful process (rated as one of the four largest life stresses) – and it is also very time consuming. Stress tends to sky rocket when you are in a state of overwhelm – when there are not enough hours in the day for you to do all the urgent things that must be done. At such a time hiring help enables you to regain control. While you will be very busy during the general time period of any house move, having professionals cover your packing and unpacking can significantly lighten your load. Relax & Move Packing is designed to do ‘what it says on the can’ – help you relax when you move.


Why select Relax & Move for your Sydney Packing Service?

1. Relax & Move Packing is a part of a Complete Relocation Service. We also provide furniture removals and project manage storage solutions sydney wide. We will typically meet you for an in-person consultation at your home and so can accurately determine the scope of your moving project and ensure you receive expert guidance. We then provide you with a written quote/ project brief which can include as many of the following services as you require: packing, unpacking, short, medium or long-term storage and furniture removals. We can also provision other specialist services such as decluttering help, rubbish removals, cleaning services and home styling in preparation for property sale – and more – please ask.

2. We care about your possessions. (This is in fact our motto).

Moving Packing Boxes

3. Absolute Discretion. Enough said.

4. Expert, fast, efficient, experienced, professionally trained packing staff.

5. Relax & Move is Local to the Northern Beaches/ North Shore of Sydney. Our offices are on the Northern Beaches.

6. Custom Solutions & Flexibility: Packing project quotes are customised to your precise specifications, budget and requirements. If you would just like a particular room packed – such as your kitchen or your garage – then we can help. Or if you have just a set budget figure and beyond that you’d like to pack the rest yourself again we can help.

7. Approachability. We pride ourselves on being generous with our advice and always only matching services to meet your precise needs. You won’t experience any pushy salespeople at Relax & Move.


Relax & Move Packing Services are ideal for:

1. Corporate & Executive Relocations. We work closely with HR departments and Executive PA’s to ensure that executives who are relocating to Sydney from interstate or overseas have a seamless relocation relative to their Sydney diaries.

2. Down-sizers and Empty-Nesters. Moving from a larger family home to a more manageable sized apartment, unit or retirement village usually presents a set of problems around figuring out which furniture and possessions to keep, what to store, what to discard, what to give to charity, what to give to the children and what to pack and transport. Expert input at this time streamlines the entire process. (Listen to a podcast interview with Relax & Move’s owner on downsizing here). In the latter stages of life the practical physical assistance with packing is also often invaluable. (Read our blog post on helping elderly parents move house here).

3. Busy Sydney Families with 2 Working Parents or Families with children under 5. For busy families with two parents who both have demanding work schedules, assistance at this time may actually leave you some paid leave days for that family holiday – this year. For families with babies, toddlers or a new arrival on the way shortly, help with packing will make the transition to your new home far less challenging! (Read our blog post on moving house with kids here).

4. Outsourcers. Those who understand the cost-benefit relationship of having professionals do such a job for you – ensuring you save time and money and can remain focused on doing what you are good at.

5. Collectors & Connoisseurs. You’ve spent decades acquiring some of the finest things in life – ensure there safe transport to your new home.

6. Those who Really Dislike Packing! We all have our particular penchants, and foibles, and if one of yours happens to be a deep aversion to packing then this service is for you.


Unpacking Service

Options: Basic Unpacking vs Full-Service Unpacking

Option1: Basic Unpacking Service

The Relax & Move Basic unpacking service is an economy option. It includes our unpacking all your boxes. All items are placed on bench tops or in a corner of the appropriate room ready for you to arrange them. We will also remove all empty boxes and packing materials as a part of this service.

Option 2: Full-Service Unpacking

Full-service Unpacking includes all of option 1 plus our unpackers will arrange all your possessions in your new home for you.

Our unpackers are expert in this process and the result is typically that you will have a fully functional home within 24-72 hours of moving in to your new residence. This is why many of our clients can throw house-warming parties or bbqs, within a matter of days of moving in — and receive compliments on the style of the new home.

Your possessions are placed/ arranged/ positioned as a function of a combination of a) your direct written or in-person instructions to our unpackers b) our unpackers experience, logic and eye for putting things in ‘the right place’.

The Full-Service Unpacking Process can include as many of these options as you require:
  • Kitchen Set Up. Unpacking all food items to cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer. Unpacking all crockery, glassware, pots and pans, silverware and cooking implements. Unpacking and installing all kitchen white ware and appliances.
  • Bedroom set up. Unpacking clothes to wardrobes and chests of drawers. Making beds.
  • Laundry set up. Installing washing machine and dryers. Laundry items placed in similar positions to your previous residence.
  • Home office set up.
  • Books unpacked to bookshelves.
  • House cleaned and vacuumed after unpack.
  • Any special requests you have.

Packing Services Sydney Price Guide

Is the Packing Fee billed on an Hourly Rate or a Fixed Quote?

Packing services are generally billed on an hourly rate with a minimum booking of 4 hours for 2 packers. For larger jobs – those that usually include packing, furniture removals and unpacking – we may offer you a fixed quote if you prefer.

Either way, we will provide you with a written quote after speaking and/ or meeting with you in person.

How long does packing/ unpacking usually take?

Typical packing clients books 5 to 8 hour sessions for 2 or more packers. Note, for very large jobs, in order to get your pack complete in 1 day or sometimes 2, we can arrange 3,4 or 5 or more packers to pack for you.

Packing and our full-service unpacking option typically take about the same time each. Basic unpacking takes very little time relative to our pre-packing and full-service unpacking option.

As a general guideline the below are average packing time requirements relative to home sizes. (Note this will vary relative to the volume of possessions you have and the process does take longer if you have a large amount of delicate items such as china or glassware).

  • Typical packing time for an average 2 bedroom home: 2 packers for 4 hours.
  • Typical packing time for an average 3 bedroom home: 2 packers for 6 hours.
  • Typical packing time for an average 4 bedroom home: 2 packers for 8 hours.
  • Typical packing time for an average 5 bedroom home: 3 packers for 6 hours.
  • Typical packing time for an average 6 bedroom home: 3 packers for 8 hours.
  • Typical packing time for an average 7 bedroom home: 4 packers for 8 hours.

For smaller packing jobs you can generally book an appropriate number of hours based on your quote and if you require more simply extend the hours on the day. For larger jobs we usually get our estimates of the time involved correct – given an in-person inspection at your home prior.

NB Another way to estimate how long your packing may take is to consider the packing industry standard – which is 4.5 standard cartons packed, per-person, per-hour. Average rooms run to 5 packing boxes. (However, we have seen some kitchens be up to 60 standard cartons). Again, if you have a large number of delicate items, this number will be lower.

Call now for advice, a quote or to make a booking for your moving packing or unpacking service on 02 8068 2402 or reach us  via email here.


Packing Service Availability & Booking Timelines.

The Relax & Move packing & unpacking service is available Monday to Friday, during business hours. We also have some availability Saturdays & after-hours, but you should provide us with as much notice as possible in this case. After-hours bookings attract a surcharge reflecting staff penalty-rates.

You can generally book with a minimum 2-3 days notice, but to ensure availability for your desired dates it is best to book well in advance.


Packing Boxes & Materials.

Relax & Move Packing provide all boxes & packing materials required to pack your goods – and you will only be charged for those used.

We use standard removalist tea-chest cartons, book-packing boxes, butchers paper, tape and further specialist boxes as required. High grade to-purpose bubble wrap is used for packing artworks/ paintings. We also use acid-free, or ‘archival’ paper, for goods requiring long-term storage.

You can choose to have new or recycled boxes used in the packing process. We have a ‘buy-back’ option for boxes – protecting both the environment and your wallet.

If you are packing yourself we offer a full range of packing materials available for purchase.


Packing Service FAQ

Do I need to be present while the packers pack?

This is completely optional and up to you. We can work relative to any particular verbal and/or written instructions you have provided prior. Or you may choose to be present and provide instructions as you see fit throughout the day.

Can I hire packers and also participate in the packing process myself?

Yes. Just like our furniture removals service we can work alongside you (and anyone else you have to assist you for that matter).

What does the packing service include? 

Pretty much everything. We can pack your kitchen, lounge, dining room, bedrooms and garage – and nearly all conceivable items you may have.

What happens if there are breakages?

Breakage is extremely rare. However, accidents happen on occasion. Relax & Move carries public liability insurance. Your home contents insurance will cover your possessions during the packing process in most instances. (Check your particular policy relative to your specific possessions). You may also choose to buy specific insurance in relation to the transport of your goods and their storage should you choose to – note Relax & Move is neither a provider, nor reseller, of such insurance products.

Can you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?

Yes, where advisable, we can dismantle furniture as part of the packing service and reassemble it as part of the unpacking service.

When is the best time for Packing?

Best time for Pre-Packing:

We may complete smaller packing jobs in the morning prior to your removals truck arriving. For larger jobs we generally pack the full day prior or for a very large job the 2 preceding days.

Best time for Unpacking:

We generally unpack for you in the half-day after the removalists have delivered your goods or the following day/s.

Packing for Storage

If some, or all of your possessions are being moved in to storage, the packing process and method will be adjusted relative to the expected storage duration. Packing for safe transit versus long term storage are somewhat different. With the latter we also pack from the perspective of ensuring your possessions remain free from mould, rust, corrosion, condensation and pest-damage.

Relax & Move also can project manage your Sydney storage requirements.

Packing Service – Cleaning, Rubbish Removals & Transporting Charity Items to St. Vincents.

Relax & Move Packing staff will ‘clean as they pack’, where appropriate, and relative to your requirements and requests. However, many clients also require further professional cleaning services for their move. Relax and Move partners with specialist service providers on this count – home and office cleaners, carpet steam cleaners and window cleaners. We have reputable & reliable service providers at hand  –  please ask and we will arrange this for you.

As part of our removals service we can and will transport rubbish to the tip for you. We can also transport goods you decide to give to charities such as St. Vincents if you require. (And advise you on what they will accept versus what is best put in the rubbish).


Decluttering Service prior to Packing to Move

After decades of acquiring possessions, decisions around what to keep, discard, store, sell or give-away can prove very time consuming – and in our experience, for many, an emotionally-challenging event. The assistance of an experienced, objective expert who will keep you grounded in this process, has been shown to dramatically decrease the time involved and improve the quality of decision making. It may also help with creating a sense of emotional closure, cleanliness, clarity and certainty.

If you would like help with decluttering prior to packing get in touch. (Read a blog post on how best to declutter here).


Home Styling Services prior to Selling your Sydney Property and Moving House

If you are readying yourself for the sale of your house and know you need to pack a certain portion of your possessions prior for presentation purposes, consider our home styling service. Real estate agents will advise that having a minimal, impersonal, and clutter-free environment on home-viewing days will generally improve your chances of a strong result. The practical aspects of creating this ‘picture of buyer-desireability’ in your home, are of course both a chore, and somewhat difficult to achieve if one is busy, and/ or doesn’t have an eye for interior design. However, in the current hot Sydney property market getting this right may add 5 or even 6 figures to the sale value of your home. Not to be overlooked but who can help out?! Contact Relax & Move for assistance.

Call now for advice, a quote or to make a booking for your moving packing or unpacking service on 02 8068 0410 or reach us  via email here.