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Moving House – Helping Kids Make New Friends

Help your kids make new friends & adjust to their new school in Sydney. Even under the most ideal circumstances, moving house is stressful. And while it can be overwhelming when you’re single it presents a new set of challenges when you are accompanied by your children! Like any parent, you want your kids to.. read more →

Moving House Sydney – Your Neighbours

Saying goodbyes to your old neighbours & Hello to your new neighbours? A mix of emotions is stirred once a move in Sydney is imminent. However, you should take comfort that it is completely natural for this to be one of the more naturally stressful moments of your life. Fortunately, there are several things you.. read more →

Choosing Your First Removalist Company

How to Choose Your First Removalists – Your Questions Answered. In the last few months I’ve had quite a few enquiries from people who’ve started their email message with something along the lines of: ‘I’ve never hired a removalists before, so please bear with me on my questions’. Thinking about that (and the emails I’ve sent them.. read more →

Helping Older Parents Move House in Sydney

Helping Older Parents or Relatives Move House in Sydney. Whether you have elderly parents or relatives that are moving into a smaller home, an aged-care facility, or they are relocating as part of your family move, there are a number of ways you can make the move easier on them. Here are a few pointers.. read more →

Holding a Moving House Garage Sale

Hold a Garage Sale | Moving House Sydney Tips. A garage sale is a great way to sell and recycle a lot of your old stuff before moving house.  When moving house there are often a thousand small details that can overwhelm you relative to the total process of the move itself. Packing and moving.. read more →

Moving House Sydney Checklist

Moving House Sydney Checklist  Get Organised so you can Relax & Move! Getting ready to move house in Sydney can be an exciting and often hectic time. There is the enjoyment of thinking about moving to a new place and making memories in your new home. But there is also the task of packing everything in your current home,.. read more →

Moving House Stress Reduction

Moving House Stress-Busters – Tips for a More Relaxed Sydney House Move Relax and Move’s expert Free Quick Moving House Stress Relief Tips – refer to these when moving house in Sydney has steam coming out your ears! Whether you’re moving Interstate or just across Sydney, the process of moving can be extremely stressful. Part.. read more →

Before Moving House Declutter

Moving House Sydney Tips – A De-clutter Guide ‘Too much stuff-itis’ – is an increasingly common problem we see in Sydney homes. Read our free expert guide on reducing clutter prior to moving house. Moving house is considered one of the top four stress in life. However, by decluttering before packing, a lot of this.. read more →

Moving House With Pets

Moving Tips – Moving House with Pets in Sydney Moving house is stressful enough on humans, but it’s no less stressful and worrisome for pets. You have to worry about transferring your utilities, mail and subscriptions to the new address. You’ve got to get the children registered in new schools, and arrange for them to.. read more →

Moving House with Kids

Moving Tips –  Moving House with Children in Sydney Moving house can be a bit of a challenge for everyone, but can be particularly difficult for kids. Adults tend to be more focused on the positive and practical aspects of the move, while children may only see losses — leaving friends and entering an unfamiliar.. read more →

Moving House in Sydney

Moving House in Sydney? Our Top 5 Moving Tips Use a reputable removalist.  You’ll be surprised how quickly and efficiently the job will be done by organised professionals. Use removals boxes if possible. They are strong, made for specific contents and pack easily to save time and money. Label all your boxes with the destination.. read more →